The North Atlantic Audi Club (NAAC), a chapter of Audi Club North America, develops, promotes, and hosts a variety of educational, cultural, and sporting events of particular interest to the Audi owner community residing in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
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Welcome to the North Atlantic Audi Club

Upcoming Events

Tour and Fall Rally
Saturday 11 October

Plan on joining us on the fifth annual North Atlantic Audi Club’s Tour and Fall Rally on Saturday October 11th for an afternoon of driving, exploring, and camaraderie with fellow participants on a fun drive through southern NH as we take in some of the fall foliage, lakes and local fall “Attractions”.  Take a look at the 2011 event / write-up for more information and color (pun intended).  Registration fee is $15 / car with registration opening in July on

Technical Event at Audi Shrewsbury
November Date TBD

2015 Winter Driving School 1 & 2
WDS1 Saturday & Sunday January 24-25 2015, WDS2 Saturday & Sunday 21-22 February 2015

Join us in our 17th year of providing winter driving schools, hosted by the Team O’Neil Rally School and Car Control Center in Dalton, NH.

Our two-day school begins with a classroom session, in which we will cover the basic principles of driving on snow and ice –types of skids and how to correct for them, winter car preparation (such as why snow tires are a good idea, even on a modern all-wheel-drive car), and so on. You will then drive your vehicle to the Rally School site, where we continue through a day and a half of exercises such as a slalom, a skid pad, and a road course (all under instructors’ expert tutelage) in which these principles are put into practice:

  • The skid pad teaches the difference between understeer and oversteer (and is a lot of fun!), while
  • The slalom teaches the importance of looking ahead, weight transfer, and the proper amount of steering input.
  • Combining the two into a challenging road course puts everything together and includes a variety of turns and a “lane toss” where a devious instructor directs the student to switch into one of two lanes and stop the car, all in distances that look difficult if not impossible (but believe us, with practice it is possible).

The school wraps up with a fun ‘time trial’ that connects the skidpad and exercise areas where the goal is consistency through several runs.

You do not need to own an Audi to attend – we’ve had all types of vehicles from Prius to Pick-up trucks – and this is a low-speed event.

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